Microbial Control

Control of Bacteria for Industrial Fluids and Processes


NanoCleanse®-SRB is available in 1 gallon containers for $65.00*
is available in 5 gallon buckets for $300.00*
is available in 55 gallon drums for $3,190.00*

NanoCleanse®-SRB  -1 gallon treats 4000 gallons of system fluid. Example - a 1000 gallon metal working sump would require 0.25 gallons (1 Quart).

NanoCleanse®-SRB is also available in totes or by the tanker truck**  

*Pricing subject to change without notice.
**Contact for pricing. Email us at  

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Microbial Control  introduces  NanoCleanse® - Microbial Control System(MCS). NanoCleanse®-MCS is the premier non-toxic solution to controlling microbial activity in metalworking fluids, cleaners and other industrial process fluids. When used with NanoCleanse® - SRB Enzyme Solution, which controls odor and slime layers where bacteria colonies reside, the combination is unbeatable. Our sterilization equipment controls all bacteria in most any size system. As the fluid passes through our proprietary equipment, the aerobic, anaerobic, fungus and all other bacteria are destroyed. There are no biocides to handle, nor is there any biocides in the tank that can cause worker issues.
Pricing is based on the process fluid, the system capacity or tank size, the temperature of the process as well as other factors. Contact us today for a quote.