Microbial Control

Control of Bacteria for Industrial Fluids and Processes

Case Studies

Case Study 1

A recent US EPA funded study performed by TechSolve found that NanoCleanse®-SRB controlled odor in a metal working sump for a study period of over 6 months. The study was conducted at a metalworking shop in a sump where odor and SRB’s were detected. Typically SRB’s are very robust and biocide resistant. NanoCleanse®-SRB can be used in a large variety of industrial processes safely and effectively.

Case Study 2

Cleaner Bath life is critical to manufacturers.  NanoCleanse®-SRB was tested in a 12,000 gallon central cleaning system at one of the major automotive manufacturers.  In this particular plant, the cleaning process uses ultrafiltration to extend cleaner bath life.  The biomass was out of control, clogging the filters and the bath required dumping. Instead of dumping the bath, NanoCleanse®-SRB was added to the system and cleaning tank was brought under control. The system began operating as if new fresh fluid was being used since the addition of the NanoCleanse®-SRB and no H2S gas has been detected. Cost savings through preventative dumping of this one tank was over $5,000.00. After several months the manufacturer reports that the ultrafilter (UF) needs to be cleaned only once per month verses every 2-3 days and that the UF membrane is significantly easier to clean. Bag filters which were replaced 9 times/day are now replaced 3-4 times/day resulting in a cost savings of over $650/day or $235,000/year.  In addition, the new cleaning fluid along with the NanoCleanse®-SRB chemistry saved the auto manufacturer in terms of warranty repair. Their warranty costs for the 1,700 transmission produced each day has dropped from $2.81 to $0.21 per transmission. (1700 transmissions/day x $2.60 savings/transmission x 365 days/year = $1.6 million dollars/year savings).  Not all this savings is due to NanoCleanse-SRB but much is to the better quality in the cleaning process. There is also additional savings of 40 labor hours per month in no longer needing to clean the Ultrafilter $1000/wk or $52,000/year.

Case Study 3

Pictured here is a test on the influent from a 3.2 million gallon thickener at a coal fired power plant. The thickener was septic, the inlet flow samples on the right were treated with NanoCleanse®-SRB and the results show that lowest levels of NanoCleanse®-SRB prevented SRB growth in the influent. The control samples (without NanoCleanse®-SRB) both turned black due to SRB.