Microbial Control

Control of Bacteria for Industrial Fluids and Processes

DrumsNanoCleanse SRB

NanoCleanse®-SRB Products Extend Industrial Fluid Life, Improves Quality, and Saves Dollar$  

Control Bacteria without the use of Toxic Biocides  

LCP Tech Inc. has developed a mixture of non-toxic enzymes called NanoCleanse®-SRB. This chemistry stops odor and corrosion by preventing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas from being created by the presence of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB). The use of NanoCleanse-SRB disrupts the capability of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRBs) to form and fortify the slime layers, which is the major source of H2S.

LCP Tech, Inc. has also developed proprietary equipment that controls all bacteria and fungus. This NanoCleanse equipment does not use traditional biocides that typically are used in controlling bacteria in industrial fluids. The NanoCleanse® equipment works in conjunction with the NanoCleanse®-SRB chemistry.


Industries that can benefit from using NanoCleanse®-SRB

Metal working Fluids, Cleaners, and other process fluids.

Any Process Fluid with Odor or Corrosion issues due to H2S and SRB